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I’ve just submitted Rustic version 1.1 to, but because it can take a few days to get reviewed, I am making it available for download here today. Rustic 1.1 has a ‘Trees/No Trees’ option for those who prefer plain wood and paper without the trees. You can find it on the ‘Rustic Theme Options’ page, under the ‘Appearance’ tab in the wordPress admin. I’ve also made the image sizes 50% smaller for faster loading, and narrowed the gap between the menu and first post. Here’s the Download Link.

UPDATE: Theme now available at

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  1. Maria says:

    Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for your hard work in creating and donating this theme. I’ve recently set up a music blog using your theme and I’m having a few teething problems trying to work out how to tweak things. I’ve tried searching on the WordPress forums but obviously some solutions are more particular to each theme.My site is

    1) I would like to reduce the height of the header (the parchment-y bit where my blog name and strapline are) so that the actual entries start further up the page as there seems to be quite a big gap. I did go into the style.css and changed the following coding
    #header {
    padding: 30px 0 0 0;
    min-height: 280px;
    position: relative;
    I can’t remember now what the height was originally! (321px?) but changing it only moved the navigation text up – it did not make the “white paper” area start sooner.
    2) However, in attempting the above I seem to have somehow moved the sidebar up so that it is now obscuring the built-in search box. I’m not bothered about keeping the search box – I seem to have managed to delete the word “Search” but not the box itself. (Not quite sure now which section I edited to remove this text “”) Can you help me to get rid of the search box outline?
    3) I would prefer to have my News (blog ) page as the default home page and could then change my static page (currently Home) to “About”. However if I try to do this (in Settings/Reading), if I change the front page setting to “Your latest posts” then I can’t also label the posts page to be “News”. It breaks the link between the posts and the page I want them to be on. It seems odd that I can’t do both?
    4) When trying to highlight particular text on a page in a certain colour with the Edit function, the text stays the generic colour that I have chosen in the Theme Options, even though it is showing within Editor as the new highlighted colour. Is this just a limitation of Rustic that I will have to live with?
    5) Since changing my default font to a new Google webfont (Lustria) within the Theme options, the text in the sidebar seems REALLY tiny, is there any way I can increase this a bit?
    6) Again on the Appearance/Reading settings, I have set it to
    For each article in a feed, show summary, yet it is showing each entry in full on the blog (news) index page. Any pointers on how to change this?

    I know this is a long list but if you can give any help it would be much appreciated (esp points 1, 2 and 5!). Thanks again for the resource in the first place!

    Best, Maria

    • Patrick Bagby says:

      Hi Maria. Here’s what I could find out for you:
      1) Rustic is built on a graphic background of images, so the structure is determined by the image sizes. That means header height is fixed.
      2) The search box is embeded in the background image as well, so it can’t be changed either.
      3) This one I can help you with! Go to Settings->Reading and select “Front page displays Your latest posts”. Then go to Appearance->Menus->pages->View all and add “Home” to your menu. Click on the Home object in the menu area and change the Home “Navigation Label” to News. Now Your posts will appear on the front page called “News”.
      4) You can force the font to change color with this bit of code. Make sure the HTML tab is selected when you edit.
      <span style="color:red !important">This is a you red text!</span>
      5) To make your sidebar text bigger, open style.css and drop in this code at the bottom of the page.
      .widget-area {

      6) That “show summary” setting is for RSS feeds. Rustic doesn’t show posts as excerpts (summaries) automatically, but it’s easy to make it happen yourself by using the famous “more” tag in your posts. Again, make sure you are in HTML mode when editing your post. Put you cursor where you want the excerpt to stop, and push the “more” button on the text editor. This makes the excerpt and adds a “continue reading” link to your post.

      I suggest undoing the css changes you made and going back to the original. Just change themes, delete Rustic, then upload a new copy of Rustic. That way the structure will be right. Hope I’ve answered all your questions. Good luck with your website!

  2. Alan says:

    Hi, just paying with your theme and I love it. I just have one quick question.

    Is it possible to remove the side bar on all pages? I have seen the onecolumn-page.php and tried to copy parts of that to the archive, single, and category.php templates but it still shows the main colum background will still not fill the page, space is still left for a sidebar.

    I only changed two things
    div id=”container” class=”one-column”
    and removed the

    obviously I am missing something else.

    I would love your thoughts.

    Cheers Alan

    • Patrick Bagby says:

      Hi Alan. Yes, it is definitely possible to remove the sidebar on all pages! First, we need to start with a clean slate, so delete the Rustic theme and load a fresh copy from WordPress. Then open style.css and put this code at the bottom of the page.
      #content {
      margin-right: 30px;
      #container {
      margin-right: 0;
      #wrapper {
      background: url(images/att/images/header-att2.png) no-repeat;
      #main {
      background: url(images/att/images/page-att2.png);
      #tree {
      #footer {
      background: url(images/att/images/footer-att2.png) no-repeat;

      Then remove <?php get_sidebar(); ?> from these template files: archive.php, author.php, category.php, index.php, page.php, search.php, single.php, tag.php. This solution is for the “Normal Light (Trees) ” style. If you use another style, then the css “background: url”‘s would be changed in one of the other stylesheets instead of “style.css”. Let me know how it goes along with a link to your website. That way it will be easy for me to see what’s happening.

  3. Hey Patrick,
    Just wanted to say thank you for the cool rustic theme! We get lots of compliments and it was easy to work with even with no prior experience at building a website. We initially had someone set us up, but we didn’t like how it looked at all. We hadn’t found much in the tree categories, but are really happy we found yours/this one!!!! We will keep checking back to see what you have new and donate when we start making some $$$, as well. ;)

    We really appreciate your creativity. Keep up the good work!!!

    TreeWise, LLC

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