Rustic WordPress Theme 2.1.x

Coming soon to, and available here now (for free), this latest version of Rustic is a major upgrade. It has three new styles including “Pink Light”, “Blue Light”, and “Brown Wood”. You  can choose your own Google web font, and font color. It comes with built-in portfolio capability. Add music, video, and pictures to your portfolio pages and view them in “Pretty Photo” lightbox (see RUSTIC PORTFOLIO DEMO in the main menu). There’s an option to use your own Logo Image in the header as well. WordPress 3.1 or later required. Here’s the Download Link. (Videoplayer powered by NonverBlaster:hover.)

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  1. Pravat Rai says:

    Hi Patrick !
    Loved your theme, but i want know if i could remove the front two pages, leaving only the wood background, but at the same time i want to keep the original theme in some of the pages, if it is possible then please help.

    • Patrick Bagby says:

      Hey Pravat. CSS is the key to controlling the appearance of your website. Take a look at style-blue.css and see how backgound images are assigned. You can override these rules by making them stronger for the pages you want to change. For example,
      #wrapper {
      background: url(skins/blue/final/images/header.png) no-repeat;
      now add this
      .home #wrapper {
      background-image: none;
      background-color: green;

      to remove the header image, and give it a plain green color. The second rule applies only to the home page because class .home is used. I got it from the body tag on the home page <body class="home blog logged-in admin-bar customize-support">
      I used the style-blue.css file here as an example only, because the rules are easy to see. You will probably want to find the similar rules in style.css instead. That should get you headed in the right direction toward customizing your website. Good Luck!

  2. hi Patrick
    Thanks for a great theme I will make a donation when I’m done.
    I have a little trouble making a portfolio, I think I follow the instruction.
    shall make a portfolio called Tjorn around 2013.
    everything is going well in the beginning but when I shall fill with images in the portfolio so it will only be new pictures on the front. but I can see all the images in all frames.
    do not really know what the problem is’ve tried everything but it is well blind hope you can help me see what’s wrong

    Best regard

  3. Patrick, Have you considered making this theme mobile device responsive? I would like to see that and would pay $35-$45 for that. I really like the look.

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