A custom WordPress Website: Mississippi HEAT Habanero BBQ Sauce

Linda, who asked me to make a version of my Rustic WordPress theme without the trees, thought Rustic would be good for her BBQ sauce business website: Mississippi HEAT Habanero BBQ Sauce. Later, Linda contacted me after struggling with her website saying, “I’m not yet ready to cry Uncle but…” and asked if I would help make a custom version of Rustic for her business. I agreed. She said she liked the Jack Daniels site style, so I took my inspiration from them. I followed their lead with the layout and overall look, then worked with Linda step by step to build the site. By now I realized that I wasn’t customizing Rustic anymore, but was building a site from scratch! This was good because I had worked on Rustic enough and needed to build my portfolio, plus I had a chance to help a “Mom and Pop” business. It took two weeks to finish and we are happy with the result: A custom WordPress website, and a great experience cooperating with a client to reach a goal. Now Linda and her husband Ted can take control of their new website, changing it however they wish, because it’s WordPress. WordPress is a great platform for small businesses and for web designers like me. At the end of the day, the custom WordPress site is a custom WordPress theme: A neat little package you plug into WordPress and it works like a charm!

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  1. Linda says:

    I wish I had more projects than just Mississippi HEAT. Patrick was a pleasure to work with, intuitive, and concise in all his explanations. Not only did he build a website, he took on a complete newbie. Our new web site is mighty fine and professional looking to boot. I was impressed with the rustic theme, but he did wonders with Mississippi HEAT. Don’t hesitate to contact him, he responds almost immediately, has lots of positive energy and gets it done. I know I will never cry “uncle” again. I will just drop Patrick a line–he really is “the best”. –Linda@MississippiHEAT

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