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One problem with using a WordPress theme is your website will look similar to other websites using the same theme. The answer…? Customize! That’s what Tom from Sundance Cabin Rentals did. He wanted a banner with his logo, phone number, and some background scenery. He said he was going to stay with the Rustic theme (it does have a log cabin look!), so we chose to customize the whole header instead. I made four banner styles (winter, spring, summer, fall) , and four radio buttons to change them whenever he likes. Now Sundance Cabin Rentals has it’s own unique design that sets it apart from other websites that use the Rustic theme. Plus it makes the whole website look more professional and custom made!

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  1. Jim says:

    Hello again Patrick -
    2 minor requests if you have a moment.
    Can you direct me to the codes that:
    1) eliminate one of the search bars that appear on my pages, and
    2) I would like to change the wording on the sidebar from “Recent Posts” to “Recipes”

    Thanks a million

  2. Frank says:

    Hi Patrick

    I followed your steps for the search widget but it just won’t go away.. help!

  3. Frank says:

    I also would like to delete everything below the search bar, change the header image and give this theme a portfolio look..any suggestions?

    • Patrick Bagby says:

      You can make a portfolio page like my “Rustic Portfolio Demo”, then go to Settings->Reading and make it the front page. Then add a custom logo image to make it your own (see Appearance->Rustic Theme Options). Whenever you make a new page, you can choose the “One column, no sidebar” page template.

  4. Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for the theme. I have used it for a website for a client, who is asking for the background to be changed or removed. I’d rather not change the theme, so can you please direct me how/where to do this most simply please?


  5. Heather says:

    Hi Patrick, thanks for a great theme! I’m trying to figure out how I can go about hiding my tags… Any suggestions?

    • Patrick Bagby says:

      Hi Heather. We can fix this with a little css code. Open style.css and put this code in at the very bottom.
      span.tag-links {
      display: none;

      This will hide the tag links below your posts.

  6. Danny says:

    Hi Patrick!

    The only thing that I would love to see updated are the drop down menus. Right now they’re very cluttered and I’ve had to title pages with hyphens in the beginning in order to differentiate them more in drop down.


    • Patrick Bagby says:

      Hey Danny. This will make the drop down menus fit better. Open style.css and put this code in at the very bottom.
      #access ul ul {
      width: 250px;
      #access ul ul a {
      text-transform: capitalize;

      • Danny says:

        Thanks Patrick! Is there a way I can make them space out more vertically, and not break into a second column at any point?

        • Patrick Bagby says:

          Try this:
          #access ul ul {
          width: 250px;
          #access ul ul a {
          text-transform: capitalize;
          .sub-menu li {
          padding:4px 0;

          Replace that last code snippet with this one. Note that there is one too many closing brackets anyway!

  7. Danny says:

    Thank you!!! I also figured out how to add some color to the back of the menus now. It really helps differentiate them from the below text.

    Keep up the amazing work!

  8. Pravat Rai says:

    Hi Patrick,
    I loved the template, i just wanna check with you whether i can remove the front two layers?.

  9. Markus says:

    Great Rustic theme:
    I was wondering how i could get rid of the “reply” section down at the bottom of my home page. I unchecked boxes on the tab screen options, and in the coments and nothing I do seems to get rid of it. I would like to keep it on all the other pages.

    • Patrick Bagby says:

      Hi Markus. Go to Pages->All Pages and click edit under your home page. Then under Discussion un-check Allow comments. Then press Update button. That should do it. Good Luck!

      • Markus says:

        Thanks,,, I have , I think, 1 more question:
        Iforgot his name but he has that ansestory site with wooden borders around pictures. I have that checked the wooden border tic, but it doesn’t work. Also when you goto a page from a family, up in the top right hand side where the original large tree header.png file is, it is a smaller bonsai looking tree. I would like to do that also. As always THANKS IN ADVANCE !

        • Patrick Bagby says:

          Looks like your using NextGEN Gallery. Rustic has it’s own gallery system built in that includes the wooden borders option. Start by going to Portfolio Items->Add New and follow the instructions. I think you will like the Rustic gallery better.

  10. Zack J says:

    I had a question about a plugin. My client is looking for a plugin that I can put a credit application on. I just need something I can put the fields into and have it be able to be submitted to her when they finish. Since the site went up, people have been printing it and faxing it to her when they are finished. Do you know of any good plugins to create forms or applications? The one I was using went out and wasn’t what we were looking for. Any help would be appreciated.

  11. Naja Naja says:

    Dear Patrick, many thanks for your Rustic theme. You can see here Greetings from Hungary.

  12. Hello Patrick!

    I love your theme! We are an independent film company and we like the look of your theme. The only thing I would need to do is replace the tree in the header and footer with our logo. Would you be willing to provide the template for those two images, and what would you charge?

    Your welcome to email me or use our Contact Us page on our site to provide the details.


    • Patrick Bagby says:

      I don’t have the original graphic files anymore. They got lost when my hardrive crashed. There is a Normal Light (No Trees) option in the Rustic theme options panel. You can put your logo on those image files. They are in the images-no-trees folder. Feel free to modify the theme however you like. I wish you all great success in your film projects.

  13. JD says:

    hey Patrick,

    i’m very new to this…this is my first site (aside from assignments i had for my 1 semester of java back in college haha) and i am pretty good at figuring things out by trial and error, but i could use some help for sure….

    i love this theme and i’m trying to edit the header so i have my logo on there in place of the trees. i chose the no trees option when i installed it and messed with the header file and have it grouped with my logo (i still need to fine tune this cuz it’s blurry and still not perfectly done, i’m just trying to get a grasp of how this works atm). i went into the css file and added the code to get my custom header in place, but it’s got the white border behind it so it looks like there’s a separate image that’s poorly created instead of a poorly created image that blends into the background.

    can you tell me how to get this to look seamless without cropping? i can do that but if there’s a way to just omit the unneeded white space around the edges that’d be great.

    any advice/help would be much appreciated.

    • JD says:

      again, i’m very new to this so forgive this dumb question. when you go to the website, you can see the image…but when i’m in the WP Dashboard and i select Visit Site, i don’t see the header.

      what am i missing here?

      • Patrick Bagby says:

        Not a dumb question. Lots of people get frustrated by this when working on a webpage. Sometimes browsers hold on to old images. Try refreshing the browser a few times. Or clear the cache.

    • Patrick Bagby says:

      Hey Jack. You can fix that white background by re-saving the image as type png24 with transparency. You might be better off using the original no-trees theme without editing the header image. Then use the logo image option in Rustic theme options. After that you can position the logo image with css. Try that, and let me know if you get stuck.

      • JD says:

        thanks! i didn’t do the transparency thing, i figured i’d use your recommendation instead, but i’m not seeing where i can edit the location of the logo.

        i used different image and set that in the Logo image URL, but where do i go to modify the location of the image in the header?

        i’m assuming that this is what needs to be edited:
        /* =Header
        ————————————————————– */

        #header {
        padding: 30px 0 0 0;
        min-height: 321px;
        position: relative;

        but i am not sure. what i’d like to do is just center this for now…

        • JD says:

          actually, that would probably move the actual header around, rather than the image in it. right?

          i’m now thinking i’m in the right area but not seeing the correct code to edit.

        • Patrick Bagby says:

          Open style-no-trees.css and target the #branding tag. Something like this
          #branding {
          left: 90px;

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