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Customize Your Rustic Website!

One problem with using a WordPress theme is your website will look similar to other websites using the same theme. The answer…? Customize! That’s what Tom from Sundance Cabin Rentals did. He wanted a banner with his logo, phone number, … Continue reading

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Rustic WordPress Theme 2.1.x

Coming soon to, and available here now (for free), this latest version of Rustic is a major upgrade. It has three new styles including “Pink Light”, “Blue Light”, and “Brown Wood”. You  can choose your own Google web font, … Continue reading

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Rustic WordPress Theme Update

I’ve just submitted Rustic version 1.1 to, but because it can take a few days to get reviewed, I am making it available for download here today. Rustic 1.1 has a ‘Trees/No Trees’ option for those who prefer plain … Continue reading

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A custom WordPress Website: Mississippi HEAT Habanero BBQ Sauce

Linda, who asked me to make a version of my Rustic WordPress theme without the trees, thought Rustic would be good for her BBQ sauce business website: Mississippi HEAT Habanero BBQ Sauce. Later, Linda contacted me after struggling with her … Continue reading

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Rustic WordPress Theme without Trees!

I got a request from a very nice person named Linda for a treeless version of the Rustic wordpress theme, so I re-made the images without trees. I will include this option in a later version of Rustic, but for … Continue reading

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Free WordPress Theme: Rustic

Looking for a nice textured look for your WordPress website? My new “Rustic” theme will be available soon as a free download. It’s made from old brown paper and wood. I think it has a nice calm feeling like a … Continue reading

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Free WordPress Theme: Cosmic Wind

I have just completed my second free WordPress theme. I call it cosmic wind because of all the leaves blowing in space! I think it makes a strong first impression because the header is so vivid. Some of the elements … Continue reading

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